black americans

The White House senior adviser suggested that Black Americans have to “want to be successful” in order for his father-in-law’s policies to be effective.
You are your little girl's most important example of what a woman who looks like her is capable of achieving.
This almost incessant need to be validated by the mainstream is something that I see as an ongoing trend among some HBCUs.
What does Trump really know about his vocal and suddenly media-friendly coterie of black boosters?
These stories are not uncommon. Learning to care for yourself and return to full-time life can be a very uplifting experience
The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1965 made great strides toward racial equality. However, this legislation ― ending
The very ferocity and coordinated nature of the attacks on Sanders makes clear that the Democratic establishment views Sanders not merely as an annoyance, but as an existential threat. And he may be, at that.
A step-by-step guide to paying the descendants of enslaved Africans.