black and latino

"People in America just don’t get that you can be black and Puerto Rican."
So we took advantage of our unique background and weaved seamlessly between my white hispanic friends and my African-American
With a new mayor to be elected this year, who will take over in 2014, the city stands poised to take a much more aggressive effort to make its CTE programs not merely adequate, but to take a role as the innovation leader in the nation.
I think it inspires my form of expression on and off the film set. I feel like there are many different forms of expression
The actor Laz Alonso echoed those thoughts. "It was kind of like a dual existence because outside of my house I would be
Now isn't the time to inflame an already desperate condition with police practices that are likely to further embitter those who are facing a possible lifetime without hope.
Community leaders, drug policy reform advocates and two members of the City Council gave a satirical award to Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday for making New York City the "Marijuana Arrest Capitol Of The World."
It seems only yesterday when we were celebrating what seemed to be a paradigm shift for America and New York City and State. In those heady days, I thought we were on the brink of tremendous progress.
This recession hasn't been borne equally along class lines in New York City. It hasn't created the sense of urgency that propelled the New Deal, the WPA, and LaGuardia's Health and Hospital Corporation.
With income inequality higher in New York City than anywhere else in the country, if these foundations are serious about social change and commitment, they should put up and join the public advocate's effort.
While everyone may be focused on Wall Street bankers losing six figure salaries, the real victims of this recession are poor women with kids.