black athletes

Jesse Owens, Tommie Smith and John Carlos all feature alongside the former 49ers quarterback in the actor's latest artwork.
The positions that suffer the most brain injuries are also the ones played by more blacks, Kevin Blackistone says.
From the condescending op-eds to the racist comments on social media, it's clear that white America is broken up over the fact that they can't police Cam, his style, or his behavior. Black men aren't children. They cannot be quelled, tamed, or contained-- especially by white perception.
Buzz Bissinger cautions against treating a black player like a "football animal."
Even with history made today, I'm sure there's already another milestone now in Serena's sights: Steffi Graf's impressive
In my estimation, it is appropriate, if not essential, that black athletes pass over the University of Michigan and take their talents to institutions that are committed to the worthy ideals of accountability and racial diversity and value black students as more than muscle and sinew.
African-American men definitely function at lower reading levels than their peers -- male or female. And it is because the education system doesn't teach them how to read. You can't treat the problem without acknowledging its origins.
Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was accused of not being Black enough and essentially called
One of the causes of the bigotry and discrimination in sports is the stereotyping of young Black males as "athletes or nothing."
Why were a boxer and a baseball player of such consequence? The answer lies in the tortured history of the treatment of African Americans dating back to the late 1800s.
It's that time of the year when we honor Jackie Robinson for breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball in the 20th century. While he appreciated the sentiment, Robinson often recalled he was not the only black pioneer in sports.
Even if BYU denies its hesitancy in accepting black players among their ranks, the campus climate has made it difficult to recruit and retain black athletes on campus.
Since he believed his singular success carried inherent responsibilities, Ashe, during his decadelong professional tennis
This sounds like a generation of athletes who are very much involved and passionate about helping their community and see a bigger picture than themselves.
The US is poised to take home over 100 medals, with more than 45 golds at this year's Olympic games. As always, black athletes
Every four years we get to watch our country's celebrated athletes compete against the best in the world for the glory, the