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The author appeared on "The Daily Show" to discuss his new book.
Words might not feel like much, but they are powerful and more needed than ever.
Published in 2014, SOS—Calling All Black People is a reader of the Black Arts Movement, the 1960s creative complement to
Read the full article on the Poetry Foundation website. But Hayden wasn't always appreciated. The biographies and criticism
This film is a beautiful legacy. It sheds light on a very gifted man who, like many creative people, was raised under difficult circumstances in an underserved area of Pittsburgh. All of his plays were "doors" into the black experience, and from many eras of the American story.
She can always get down with a good ol' literary classic. Kincaid said Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is the last book she read
Twenty seven publishers in the U.S. and U.K. turned down my novel. The vast majority of rejections my literary agent received were surprisingly positive, but were knock-backs all the same.
They were beacons of light in our darkness, those teachers. And they offered us the words of Black authors to take with us on our journeys.
If you are lucky, or blessed, you will meet someone of such wisdom, courage, creativity and conviction that their influence, the very force of their spirit, will abide with you for the rest of your life. Amiri Baraka was that person for me, as he was for so many others.
I've been there, I see a rainbow everywhere. Is it because the media giants want to white wash out the experiences of black and brown women? Or is it because they think white women will not watch the show or read the book if the central character is a black woman?
Despite the extreme poverty and racism she experienced as the daughter of sharecroppers, Pulitizer-Prize winning novelist
Over a decade ago, Staceyann Chin burst onto the scene with Russell Simmons’ “Def Poetry Jam” on Broadway. Sharing the stage
I'm not a statistician. I'm the author of the picture book Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria. Many bloggers and librarians focus on mock Caldecott award winners. I try to guess who will win the Coretta Scott King Awards.
The novelist cites growing up in a drug infested Washington D.C. neighborhood with a single mother, his connection to afro