black bear

Oregon Zoo's "goofy" black bear Takoda sure knows how to chill out and enjoy.
“I realized what it was as soon as I heard this big gasping, grunting sound."
The drug raid was about to take place. The time and location was set.
"I screamed," Lushefski said. "The kids were like, 'Why you screaming?' and I said, 'There's a bear in our pool!" Lushefski
H/T Right This Minute Sometimes you just can't reach, and need a good strip of scratchy tree bark to help. Thanks to the
If you see a wild animal injured or incapacitated call your local animal control office. Darby Simpson, Smith's girlfriend
In the meantime, we get to appreciate how cute these little guys are and even see them spooning! When a logging crew in Yamhill
Several officers responded to the call, escorting children away before shooting tranquilizer darts at the bear. An LAPD helicopter
Cyr suffered minor injuries, including scratches on his stomach and a bite mark on his knee. The man escaped behind a tree
One Connecticut barbecuer had a few more dinner guests than he expected when three adorable black bear cubs showed up to