black bear

“I realized what it was as soon as I heard this big gasping, grunting sound."
The drug raid was about to take place. The time and location was set.
"When I came outside on our deck I heard the fence creaking," Erica Lushefski, of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania told The Huffington
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Darby Simpson, Smith's girlfriend, told WEAU News that Smith had permission from the cornfield's landowner to use the forwarder
We can't get enough. Grand Ronde Fish and Wildlife Program Manager, Kelly Dirksen, observed the den with three trail cameras
The survivor also got permission from a warden to track down the animal and kill it. Ontario's black bear population has
One Connecticut barbecuer had a few more dinner guests than he expected when three adorable black bear cubs showed up to
"He turned his head because he heard me crack the window," Hickok said. "But by the time we got downstairs to look at the
According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the land that today comprises the state was home to an abundant population
The problem is that as he's become familiar with Glendale and knows there is food there, there is, according to a Fish and
By OurAmazingPlanet Staff It's highly uncommon to see bears around this area because there are only a few natural water sources
One feisty cub managed to get stuck inside a car garage near South Lake Tahoe in California, and resident Judy Coover was
Scientists said the video of two bears wrestling in a Seminole County yard shows how little space the animals have. Though
Black bears in the Rocky Mountains have a knack for gaining media attention. Nearly a month after a photographer captured
Jewel's webcam is powered by solar panels and make use of infrared technology to provide clear black-and-white images even
Of all the wild meats I've eaten, nothing varies in quality as much as black bear. Their flesh, and particularly their body fat, seems to reflect their diet in an almost literal way.