black books

It's the book that has tongues wagging. Sidechickology is the salacious story of two ministers and their steamy drama-filled affairs that some say are based on true events. The real question on everyone's mind is: Who is the author, Body of Work who co-wrote this scandalous book with Allison Hobbs?
A group of Black creatives based in Boston, Intelligent Mischief (IM), are building a multimedia project discussing anti-Black racism in the United States of America through satire called "The Black Body Survival Guide."
During the past award season, a familiar refrain was that 2013 was “the year of black film.” Of course, those films have
From the moment they come into the world, little black girls works just a little bit harder than their peers to construct
Spools spin, needles march, and thread unravels in "Favorite Place," the new music video from Texas-based indie band Black
Bedtime reading is one of our favorite childhood memories. There was nothing better than being told stories about princesses
Imagine our delight when we received an official nod of approval from OutKast rapper Big Boi, who tweeted a link to the list
In a perfect world, would such a black person on the cover limit a book's saleability? No. Does it really? Yes.