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HuffPost Style editor Michelle Persad and Dana Oliver join Julee and Caitlyn to break down this week's best dressed celebs.
HuffPost Style Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor Dana Oliver and Fashion Editor Michelle Persad join Caitlyn to take a look at a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial .
The fanfare around Hillary Clinton's nomination has been at a fervor for months. Unquestionably she stands as the likely next Democratic presidential nominee Yet, the question remains: Will Black America turn out in support?
E! Host Giuliana Rancic is in hot water after criticizing Zendaya Coleman's dreads on the red carpet, saying they look as though they smell like patchouli oil or weed. We discuss the politics behind loc culture and the impact of casual racism.
I am deeply troubled by your sudden quietness in the midst of such powerful youth activism against police brutality and state violence. The killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has awakened a movement, yet you are silent. Other members of the black entertainment industry have contributed in various ways, yet you are ghost.
David Alan Grier may be responsible for solving Hollywood's most awkward problem -- those moments when black celebrities
Can you guess who this adorable little boy with the wide bright smile is? Hint, his birthday was yesterday and he is the
Whoever said the eyes are the windows to the soul clearly wasn't paying attention to the hair. Whether you are a curly-headed
You see, Mrs. FLOTUS, if you rock a 'fro or revert back to your natural hair in the many styles that'll be cool and acceptable, just like you do with the straightened, unnatural hair -- à la bangs -- you could also be making even a bigger move in White House history.
Black History Month may be focused on black folks, but their blackness isn't necessarily their main identity and isn't the sole focus of the month, but yet their leadership, bravery and resilience is that focus.
Though Denzel Washington is one of the most famous men in Hollywood, not a whole lot is known about his personal life. He