black children

Police in Syracuse, New York, forced a sobbing Black 8-year-old into the back of their car over a bag of stolen Doritos.
Ten-year-old Brittany Tichenor-Cox told her mother that her teacher wouldn’t say hi to her or help with schoolwork.
The two congressmen got heated as they debated a police reform bill.
"With each question my 9-year-old posed about how and why the lives of people who look like him had been taken, I could hear his innocence dissolving."
The growth coincides with the rise of interracial marriages.
Are you a hero for figuring out how to do their hair, or are you a parent?
The actor interviewed a school cop for the upcoming series "America Divided."
Let's support kids to push back against racial injustice.
"Will you embrace and welcome me when I’m a full grown black man?"
There is a big problem in our educational system, and it is persistent.