black church

It isn't clear if fires at three historic churches in St. Landry Parish are connected, a fire marshal said.
Gregory Bush was caught on security camera apparently trying to enter a predominantly black church in Kentucky.
For Curry and others, being Christian means rejecting white nationalism and misogyny, while protecting immigrants, refugees and the poor.
The first black presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church is an outspoken advocate of civil and LGBTQ rights.
Sexuality is an issue that we as a community need get woke about.
Why has the majority church continued to be silent while a presidential candidate now president-elect traffics in hate and promotes violence against anyone who does not look like or agree with him?
Evansville police are investigating the case as a hate crime.
As an African-American women focused on using policy and business to produce better outcomes for low-income women, men, children, and seniors, especially in communities of color, I'm used to having my voice overlooked or ignored and my ideas either marginalized or even stolen on occasion.
************************ "It's totally natural and normal for us to be upset, confused, [and] scared about what's going on
“Historically, the Black Church has been instrumental in driving change on social justice issues."
This old hymn has often been used as an anthem for freedom.
The majority of African Americans support nondiscrimination laws. The majority support protections for LGBT people in our society, and oppose allowing religious refusal laws. All of this is true even with high levels of church attendance, traditional religious beliefs and fidelity to the bible among African Americans.
A Black woman released an hour of Black Excellence and because it had language, challenging truth, and storytelling around the Black experience, it no longer "counted" as a place to engage the gospel narrative. When the narrative of scripture affirms and validates the Black narrative, it is called a skewed gospel.
The "ordinary" black female victim, and the abuser who lives in her house, sits next to her in the classroom, stalks her online, rents out her body or spews pious hypocritical shit about virtue from black church pulpits while preying on women after hours, are seldom seen, heard or acknowledged by our communities.