black doctors

A group of Black doctors in Los Angeles and throughout California have been waging a long, valiant, and lonely fight against a practice which has had disastrous effects on the quality of medical care in poor, and underserved communities and harmful consequences for the doctors. The practice is medical racial profiling.
Just 2 cents of every dollar an African-American spends goes to Black-owned businesses.
This author hopes to boost the dismal number of African American medical professionals.
Research has shown that more diverse medical schools foster civic engagement, exposure to different training approaches and cultural sensitivity. The benefits of more black doctors go even further.
As the Black Lives Matter movement sweeps the nation, we would be remiss to not use this time as a moment to discuss not just the death, but the preservation and physical conditions of black bodies. Conversations can't end at violence and injury -- instead, we must also acknowledge that health, wellness and the security of quality health care are important aspects of a life well-lived.
The inequalities African Americans battle are plenty and severe -- but the widening health gap is arguably among one of the most crucial and inadequately addressed concerns.
Quote: "When it came to brands like Gucci and Burberry, people were willing to pay more when they felt rejected by the salesperson
There are over 100 historically black colleges and universities in the United States. We pulled a few of the most interesting
On November 9th, 1868, Howard University opened their medical school with eight students and five faculty members. A high