black fathers

Mark Clennon's project seeks to highlight the beauty of black fatherhood while debunking toxic myths.
And they simultaneously became the first in their family to receive college degrees.
The dad is sharing his knowledge with fellow fathers.
Philadelphia area photographer Lucy Baber is on a deeply personal mission to photograph 100 Black Dads. Her project, which
Moving in the right direction begins with understanding the reality. Most black children are not fatherless. And most black dads are setting a great example.
The fact that God gave me little lives to look after, nurture, cultivate and be a good steward over helps me to see how much He trusts my judgment and commitment to what He's given me to do on earth. I am humbled at the responsibility.
I choose to be in the present and cherish my time with them, honoring them in any way that I can. So today in celebration of Father's Day, I want to thank my Dad for all that he has done to make my life what it is.
Everyday Jamal is fighting to be a parent and live life in his own truth. And as a fatherless daughter I can't help but cheer him on.
The growing trend amongst many of our black male celebrities is to publicly denigrate black women and mothers. Big Boi was the latest to take aim when he posted a meme drawing a comparison between the black mother from the 70s and the one of today.
It's the community that embraced him as son, after his father's numerous disappearing acts that has kept him. "I've had everything