black girl magic

The “age/sex/location” artist shares an intimate conversation about love, lessons and growth.
The partnership with Boss Women Media is an extension of Capital One’s Impact Initiative, a multi-year commitment to invest in underserved communities.
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The reboot will feature an interracial family and “Black-ish” creator Kenya Barris is spearheading the show’s pilot.
Black girls will watch the movie and read the book and see themselves as the hero, faults and all.
"To be a black girl is to be one of the reasons the universe thrives."
Black women and their dollars are the trendsetters of popular culture, a new Nielsen report says.
Black women are taught to be strong and resilient. We aren't allowed to simply be happy.
"[Kids] know what’s going on in the country...People just don’t engage with them,” the show's producer said.
Up next: a Ph.D. Because why stop at undergrad?
The congresswoman announced the winner with actress Tracee Ellis Ross.