black girls

Black women’s lived experiences echo a 2017 study that found adults viewed young black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than white girls.
The racial biases in policing that lead to black men being victims of violence also apply to black women.
The adage “You have to work twice as hard for half as much” never rang more true.
The book follows a Kenyan girl uncomfortable with her dark skin on a journey to rediscover beauty.
Cardi B took on a corporate hit-making machine and won -- for the culture.
Laws Of Nature Cosmetics Vault Cosmetics Here's a short but comprehensive list of Black-owned makeup and beauty brands that
On this International Day of the Girl we celebrate women and girls all over the world and work towards how we as women can set a better example of leadership.
The suggestion that black women aren't pretty strikes me as odd, especially coming from a culture where women go through lengths to make their skin tanner, their butts larger and their lips fuller. I learned as an adult and in my college life that being black often made me desirable as an exotic sexual being.
I strongly oppose capital punishment which Blanton and his evil co-conspirators so viciously inflicted. But I do support punishment which at least tries to proximate his heinous crime. This prisoner snuffed out four sacred child lives and escaped punishment for decades. He should die in prison for his inhumane atrocious crime.
Historically, women have always been the quiet strength of the African-American community, so hearing about large numbers of Black girls falling apart in schools is a troubling phenomenon that must not go unaddressed.