black holes

The Spektr-RG telescope, launched successfully into orbit on Saturday, aims to chart the first-ever map of the universe in high-energy X-rays.
Astronomers watch the galactic equivalent of a dog with a bone.
“It’s as though the black hole has cleaned its room by throwing flames.”
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Gamma Ray Bursts, the result of a slightly different variety of cosmic mishap. When large stars die, they don't go gently into the night. Single stars can implode, or two small, dead stars can collide. Either way, the resulting black hole is celebrated with a brief flash of gamma rays a million trillion times brighter than the Sun. It could damage the atmospheres of planets even light-years away, which would be bad news for any biology.
Then luck struck. I hit the grad school jackpot, advisor-wise. Without the effect Rai Weiss had on me, I'd probably be arranging
Here's the answer.
We all are familiar with the force of gravity. But, where do the gravitational waves fit in the picture?
If one attended the NSF webcast or read the press releases, however, one might think that gravitational waves were detected
5. Who was vindicated this week by a new discovery? a. Meryl Streep had predicted that film festivals that have all-white
The belch set out a jet of matter moving at nearly the speed of light.
I had the opportunity to interview CERN scientist and visiting professor Dr. Mir Faizal from the University of Waterloo on the controversial subject of black holes, using the Hadron Collider to create them, and future discoveries.
"This one is the best chance we have had so far to really understand what happens when a black hole shreds a star."