black issues

The CBC has the challenge of its political lifetime in confronting the Trump rein in the Oval Office.
In the very same week that we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the person I regard as the greatest American we've ever produced, we will also witness the ascension to power of a vacuous American fraud, a con man who epitomizes the worst of public life.
My name is Adam Constantine. I am a Christian, son, brother, friend, college graduate, former professional athlete, higher education professional and unique content creator. But if you pass me on the street, does that even matter? To some, I'm an angry black man looking for handouts and waiting to cause trouble.
No one is better than anyone else. Lighter isn't better than darker or vice versa. Let's teach and practice seeing each other in our simplest form -- human.
I made the decision to utilize my platform to bring awareness to social issues and brand myself as the dreadhead boss lady who outspokenly shouts #BlackLivesMatter while supporting causes that lead to positive change. I will not compromise my blackness for financial gain.