black kids

Here's what parents and caregivers need to know.
"It's important for black kids to see themselves as doctors, as lawyers, as engineers, as creatives and artists, as trailblazers, as the builders of this country that we know we are."
Young leaders are not only changing the false narratives about black youth, they are changing the future.
It's difficult to look at oneself objectively, but I see with new eyes the huge advantage I’ve been given by being born white.
Tabay Atkins donates 100 percent of the proceeds from his classes to those with cancer.
Watch as he gives his 19-year-old sister a lesson in zoology.
Is slick marketing duping children into harmful smoking habits again?
Simone Manuel is the kind of role model I want my son to know.
The criminalization of black people, coupled with white supremacy and its belief that black people are inherently inferior to white people has caused a multitude of problems.
I do everything in my power so they don't acquire any negative stereotype.
Study finds white people may feel threatened by African American children as young as five.