Black Love

If we’re not centering the voices of women and queer folks, then how can we say we love blackness?
"Open your heart and mind to all the ways our love is the same."
Everyone, find yourself a Julius Tennon.
I met one of the most amazing people I know 22 years ago. The moment I shook his hand I knew my world would be forever different
“Black Love Power” aims to reimagine and reflect the many ways black love can be experienced and perceived.
Dear 1st Lady Michelle With admiring eyes I have seen in you The classiest confidence of a woman The unflinching support
This surprise proposal and wedding is one of the most beautiful hashtags on the internet.
No fanfare. No extravagant setup. Just an honest conversation between the two of us about what we wanted.
So. Many. Questions. Is this about her real relationship with her husband or the relationship of black women with black men in general? This feels personal. This is darker and more raw than anything I have ever seen from her. She did not reign in her artistic or creative expression, every frickin scene is a piece of Art.
It is time for us to be the stars of the coming-to-age movies and not just the sidekicks or comedic relief. Give the next generation of movie-watcher a chance to experience us the way that we see ourselves; as quirky, cool and sometimes awkward individuals that have a passion for random things.