black lung disease

So far three former officials with Armstrong Coal have acknowledged their part in a fraud made public by HuffPost.
Vulnerable coal miners suffering from black lung disease fear what will happen if COVID-19 is added to the mix.
Former supervisors at Armstrong Coal were charged with submitting bogus dust samples to the government, a company practice HuffPost exposed in 2014.
Michael "Flip" Wilson stopped working as a miner more than a year ago. Then the hard work began.
This post has been updated with comment from the National Mining Association. The black lung reform bill proposed by Senate
Coal miners develop black lung disease, or coal workers' pneumoconiosis, through prolonged exposure to the coal dust in a
For those who judge their financial interests or ideological blindness to be more reliable than evidence, American energy policy has been a success. For the rest of us, it has been clear for decades that the policy is an abject failure.
"When you look at all these pieces together, the miners of the future will have a better life in the mines than in the past
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Although miners still aren't using PDMs, MSHA has solicited some of the devices for its own inspectors. MSHA spokeswoman