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Wesleyan University's Professor of sociology, Alex Dupuy, the author of Haiti: from Revolutionary Slaves to Powerless Citizens
According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), there have been 1,821 calls made to poison control
Although synthetic marijuana does provide users with a high, it is far and away from the kind of high that natural marijuana
If there's anything we should have learned from watching Kobe for 17 years, it's to never doubt what he says he can do. He will nail the buzzer-beater. He will play 48 minutes a game for a week. And more so than anything else, he won't let us forget about it.
Kobe did what he does best on Sunday afternoon, captivating NBA audiences everywhere. And this time, he didn't even need a court to do it. Handles were active, #hashtags were a-plenty.
As the February 21st trade deadline approaches, the Lakers must make these decisions very quickly; for if they do not, they put the five to ten year fate of the franchise in jeopardy.
"It's just the way we do things," Adam said, "At Nike, there's no such thing as typical." It's why athletes like Todd, our
The sweetest. That's how Kobe Bean Bryant described his savoring of the hardest-fought championship he has won to date.
We were saddened and terrified to hear that: Morbidly curious, we looked into this lethal creature. Apparently, the Black