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It's been 20 years since we've seen that Darius and Nina kind of love.
'SouledOut Cinema' is a new venture that's bringing classic black films back to the big screen.
While I commend the courage to have African-American individuals in the film industry to boycott the Academy Awards, it is a much deeper issue.
Today marks the 15th year anniversary of the film's release.
Stewart, who wrote the screen adaptation and directed the film, says the movie is about more than their friendships. It's about women waiting for the next big thing in their lives to happen in order to be happy.
"Perhaps even more telling, more movies in 2013 featured more black actors in important roles that drove more patrons to
This weekend moviegoers filed in to see “The Best Man Holiday,” the highly anticipated sequel to the 1999 film “The Best
That said, it doesn't seem like too much of a stretch for the film industry to benefit as well. Or does it? This isn't hardly
We'll announce the movie you've chosen and how you can participate in this series with us on Thursday, February 7th. February
Oh how I miss those days. The days when finding a culturally relevant movie somewhat reflective of my everyday life and with a decent soundtrack didn't require flipping through the "African-American" or "Urban" film categories on my Netflix.
It may have been a surprise to some in Hollywood, but those a bit more aware of the market knew that Think Like A Man would
Just as the films with black gay themes are problematic, so, too, are some of the well-known black actors who portray LGBTQ characters, making it difficult for African-American viewers to see and actualize black LGBTQ Americans in a healthy and wholesome light.