Black People

The late night host's survey hilariously tested Trump's boast that he would win 95% of the Black vote in 2020.
Want to be a better ally in the fight against racism? Start by listening to Black folks' experiences.
In “Wandering in Strange Lands" the author reveals uncomfortable and enlightening truths about the history of black migration in the U.S.
An effort to make up for decades of discriminatory policies is moving ahead in the North Carolina city.
Food historian Jessica B. Harris shares her thoughts on gratitude, performative activism and why the pandemic has been so fatal for the Black community.
The legendary food writer talks about the cost of hunger, the importance of growing our own food and much more.
Entrepreneur Aurora James called on major companies to commit to buying 15% of their stock from Black-owned companies.
"While I have had several family members, family friends and acquaintances who have fallen ill with and died of COVID-19, my colleagues have had none. The single obvious difference between my colleagues and me? I am Black."
"How can we properly mourn the loss of a black person who has lost their life while sitting next to someone who can never know that deep-seated grief?"
The data cover England and Wales and were released on Thursday.
At an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Dan Forest of North Carolina peddled the dangerous myth about the group's abortion services.
“The Daily Show” host also dismantled the rapper’s claim that Black people have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats.
Looking for a safe space? Try one of these therapy and mental health resources.
There is a belief that Black skin's melanin provides natural protection from the sun's UV rays. It doesn't.
Many Black women who can afford to pay for an abortion are still denied the freedom to do so, and not due to an abortion ban. Here's how.
"The scheme has its basis in racism — an 1890 post-Reconstruction attempt to keep African Americans out of statewide office," said former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
The moment “felt like belonging” and “feeling valued,” wrote Dominique Apollon, who is black.
One couple drove an hour just to see “Us” at the NextAct Cinema, co-founder Robert Wright said.
The "Glass" actor made the crack after the president boasted he's a champion of the black community.
Whether we’re wearing weaves, waves or TWAs, Black people should be judged by what’s inside our heads, not what’s on top.