black power

Young black people may be less religious, but Black liberation theology is still relevant.
The film highlights the possibilities of black power, something that still seems like a fantasy in the 21st century.
Is the White Church the Anti-Christ? “If there is any contemporary meaning of the Antichrist (or "the principalities and
Trump's ascent is how our nation reacts when blacks seek the same avenues as whites to fortune and power.
Fifty years ago, the term "Black power" fired into the American vocabulary. In celebration of the fifty-year anniversary of the call for Black power this week, I present this exclusive excerpt from my new book.
If Cassius Clay had excelled as a baseball player instead of as a pro boxer he'd probably have charmed us with his poetry
Ali became the most visible symbol of Black Power’s radical critique of white supremacy.
Sarah: Can you say more about what everyday life was like for you growing up? Angela: Then in August 1970, I was charged
As my co-worker and I approached, we were not scared when the protesters yelled their misinformed opinions at us. We were emboldened by the blood of my ancestors which fertilized the fields of a nation not yet free for all.
"Formation" celebrates identities that once sparked shame but now inspire pride.
Debates about the upcoming Academy Awards focus on the relative lack of African American nominees. A less-examined aspect of this debate is that in some recent movies, African Americans are front and center.
Whether in America or Australia, the availability of a good public education allows children of immigrants to get to a solid middle class standing within a generation. Besides adding to the productivity and richness of these societies, this filial advancement acts as a tonic to the challenges and frustrations of the newly arrived immigrants to either country.
The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Boggs was a seminal figure in the Black Power movement and -- along with her husband, James Boggs -- spent decades tirelessly advocating for fundamental changes in American policy on civil rights, labor relations, feminism, the environment and just about anything else that would shake up the status quo.
One athlete threw the most important race of his career to take a stand.
In a pluralistic society like the United States, change happens when groups coalesce around their shared group interest to fight for policies that affect them as a group. It may not sound nice, but given American history it is not at all racist.
Right now there is a young black leader in our neighborhood that embodies their spirit -- let's encourage that before it's too late.