Black Quarterbacks

"Everybody tries to get an edge," says Rodney Peete.
The Panthers quarterback is not afraid to speak the truth.
No major newspaper would ever print a letter like this about Tom Brady.
This story was originally published by Pacific Standard. "Black people aren't allowed to make mistakes," musician Prince
More black quarterbacks are getting a chance to excel on the field and earn the dignity, big salaries and endorsements that come with their success.
The fact that Andrew Luck has been widely praised for his athleticism and Robert Griffin III for his leadership qualities and comprehension of sophisticated passing schemes may reflect a change in the tormented way that we talk about quarterbacks and race.
The image of a black quarterback calling the shots on a last-minute, game-winning TD drive is as alarming to a significant segment of the American populace as that of a Cambodian-American cowboy herding cattle on the prairie.
Biological factors do not compel people from certain races to excel in certain sports. Cultural factors do.