black style

Whether there are 8 or 800 -- with bright double-ball elastic holders tight at the top and butterfly barrettes bouncing at the bottom or with cobalt blue yarn woven throughout -- braids are, and always will be, a definitive symbol of black girl culture.
I would like to think I'm black. And at first glance, it's apparent I am. My skin and hair say so. And if anything, I've got a birth certificate that solidifies my heritage. I would like to think I'm black. But sometimes, I'm not sure if others of my race agree.
By choosing to falsely "go natural," you insult the women who are expected to wear a freshly-relaxed bob in order to keep their jobs. You've clearly never had your 3-year-old cut her hair off and say she wants "flat hair."
"[Congressman Charlie Rangel and Reverend Al Sharpton] would see [Powell] and say he had an elegant sense of style. The reverend
And beautiful shoulders they are. The classic retro-styled hair, makeup and nails were crafted by Seto McCoy, Kayden Makeup
If you haven't already noticed, beards are back! Well, they really didn't go anywhere but the whiskered look is definitely
I thought it might be interesting to check out the global monthly search stats on the hairstyles of black celebrities, to see whose was the most popular.
If you lined up the work of Tracy Reese, Stephen Burrows, and Sammy B., would there be a common thread that could be traced back to their race? The common thread in each of their collections would be a reflection of American fashion. Black Fashion is American Fashion.
However, the French version of Elle magazine has found itself right smack in the middle of their own racially charged incident
In the wake of Mr. West's rather lopsided first showing of his womenswear line, DW by Kanye West, at Paris Fashion Week and its rather tumultuous aftereffect, it would perhaps serve the rapper well to understand that a designer's career is not a monologue.
In the last three years, it could be fairly argued that there has been an upsurge in visibility of Black style icons who find themselves firmly rooted in an industry that has historically had a flaky relationship with figures of color.