Black theology

Young black people may be less religious, but Black liberation theology is still relevant.
You may not agree with the method of protest, but can you be silent against what is being protested against, the ongoing
What exactly is the substance of the spirit of our faith? Why do we cling to something as irrational as faith in the face of the rational, visceral reality of so much suffering, corruption, and violence?
In present struggles for black liberation - from Oakland to McKinney - demonstrators are embodying a rebellious joy, from playful chants to rhythmic choreography. We do this, not because of black deaths, but because of black life; life that is fleeting, complex, and beautiful.
Where is the public voice of the black church -- the church that provided stops along the Underground Railroad, founded several black colleges and shaped the faith of a young Martin Luther King, Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer and so many others?
This Christmas season, the story of a miracle birth in a quiet manger seems impossibly distant from the little town of Bethlehem that we know today. Two millennia after the birth of Christ, this ancient, holy city is quite literally being strangled in the shadow of the barrier wall.
Rappers have been as instrumental in my theological development as any of the scholars I've read. A larger-than-life revolutionary who was simultaneously real and relatable, Tupac lived and he invited us all to live with him.