black voters

The Democratic presidential candidate has convinced activists of color she's serious. Can she translate that enthusiasm to the broader black electorate?
A South Carolina rally offered a glimpse of the Vermont senator’s efforts to court black voters and reverse his fortunes in the key early primary state.
The Vermont senator is diversifying his staff, talking about his civil rights activism and putting more emphasis on anti-racist policies.
The suit says the lack of early voting is illegal because nearby cities with more white people and fewer young people have more locations.
Officials in majority-black Randolph County lack the data to back a proposal to shutter most voting spots.
Despite voter suppression, the black community played a major part in Doug Jones' victory.
The popularized notion that there was no difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dissuaded valuable black voters from heading to the polls.
Attempts to drive a wedge between impoverished blacks and aspirational immigrants are frighteningly familiar.
Many have been tricked into ignoring racial injustice that is still alive and thriving.
How do we decrease the political marginalization that African-Americans face in this country?
The party will never regain power by neglecting its most important voting bloc.
Fulfilling his promises to voters will require Donald Trump to oppress America's ethnic minorities.
Those working to dismantle capitalism and white supremacy need to start analyzing Trump's tactics.