After a hellish week, soulful Chicago singer Jamila Woods provided much needed musical healing with her debut solo album HEAVN.
Historically, women have always been the quiet strength of the African-American community, so hearing about large numbers of Black girls falling apart in schools is a troubling phenomenon that must not go unaddressed.
While this conflict and disagreement seems to leave little impact on the two of them or their careers, it can be difficult
It is undeniable that our current political system in Illinois is stacked against Black people at every level, and we see the ways that Black women in particular bear the brunt of this violence and then are forgotten. Shame on Illinois.
Erica Campbell believes in open and honest conversations about beauty. In addition to being a Grammy-winning artist, a social media presence to be reckoned with, and a partner to a new hair venture, she is the mom of a pre-teen. That role requires her to be intentional about discussing image
According to the Boston Globe, Boston Public Schools announced an investigation on the students claims to have submitted
For those of you who don't know, there is a thing called Black Girl Magic and it's about empowering black women to feel good about themselves in a world that doesn't always value us. I mean no disrespect to anyone, just love for my fellow blacks girls doing great things in the world.
Black Girl Magic isn't a complicated thing and never needed to be analyze or be presented as a thesis statement. It really surprised me that there was a debate about it, because I thought we were all on the same page.
Black girls and women, are enough. That our lives and our pain matter, that we don't have to work and cook and clean and fight and give until we are mentally emotionally and physically bankrupt. That we can be none or all of what we have learned Black women should be, and that regardless of who we choose to become, we still shimmer like the sun.