Twitch star Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa's photos kept getting removed from Instagram. Then came the demands for money.
“If anyone is gonna make money or likes off my nipple, it’s gonna be me,” the comedian wrote.
Farrow's allegation comes after the Amazon CEO accused tabloid publisher American Media Inc. of blackmail and extortion.
Russian official Sergei Ryabkov said the Trump administration was using the Cold War-era pact to “blackmail” the Kremlin.
"Michael Cohen has tapes. 'Access Hollywood' has tapes. Howard Stern has tapes."
The rarely-enforced law is used to harass and blackmail gay people, activists say.
Prostitutes, Putin and the “pee tape.” Here are the revelations in the Comey memos.
And potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail, the former FBI director said.
A state House report says that the hairdresser accused Eric Greitens of coercing her into oral sex and slapping her.
The governor has been accused of sexual misconduct and blackmail involving a hairdresser.