Florida’s Democratic nominee for governor is black in a way that is commonplace in real life but basically nonexistent in high-level American politics.
“We are operating at maximum levels of ‘blacktivity’ that haven’t been seen in decades.”
Today - as much as any other day -- is a great time to commence that reflective inquiry and to introspect upon how to be a better ally in the battles that still remain to be fought.
Spare me the colorblind BS. I love Black people.
I never considered myself a geek until I picked up a new hobby: costume play, aka cosplay. It’s one of those things that
I did it because I was bored and out of options.
I know that once I begin my career search, my natural hair will be frowned upon. But then again, why would I want to work for an employer who can't appreciate my race and all it has to offer?
A recent offering replete with multidimensional analysis and poetic reflection comes from Tabias Olajuawon Wilson. In their
He beamed at me, confident that he had just bestowed upon me one of the great accomplishments that all multiracial women hope for: the badge of honor for completing the last arch in a white man's hook­up rainbow.
"TV has become like an extra person in your house. Or rather, your TV becomes your leader."
2) "To know Africa is to be Africa." While the political climate of American sees deep divides within ideologies, ethnicities
I finally shed massive tears for Prince a few days after he left us. Was not sure if I knew how to do so given the hole-in-the-heart sorrow I feel. I am sleepless, numb, and terribly sad that Prince is dead, gone from us forever.
Questions loomed around my Blackness -- from my hair to my speech -- to why I wore braids and how I didn't sound like I was "black", but rather I "talked white." The nuances of racist rhetoric and daily microaggressions of being both Black and a woman -- a Black woman -- have been incessant, annoying and at times, dismaying.