Texas Republican leaders are shifting the blame for the state’s power outage on the nonexistent Green New Deal, which hasn’t been enacted yet.
So, I didn't watch the Oscars. I never do. I always wait till the next morning, and they'll tell me what I want to know.
The Academy Awards are about to get Rock'd.
In her New York Times bestselling breakout memoir Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, Hepola offers an unflinching look into her own self-destruction, inviting readers to witness her "humiliation buffet" -- and, ultimately, her sober self-realization.
Will we accept a deeply divided nation where only whites can have a high level of confidence in the criminal justice system generally and the police specifically? Or will we push for a country where everyone can trust that the police are there protect and serve them?
Thirty-eight years ago this week, the lights went out in New York City. Chaos ensued. But the nature of the disruption was far from simple. This week, PBS's American Experience chronicles and deconstructs that intense 1977 experience.
These pictures reflect a small amount of the beautiful people that share selfies each #BlackOutDay, but I hope they inspire you the way they inspire me.
Millennials count Halloween as their #1 holiday. In fact, Halloween has now become the #2 highest grossing holiday in the country overall. Over 40 percent of millennials will go to a haunted attraction this year. Which is why I thought it was the perfect time to write about the Top 5 scariest haunted attractions for millennials.