"We are now in the middle of a perfect storm for mainstream acceptance."
As I continue to see the stark differences in realities for people based on income and race, it baffles me that there is the expectation for people to thrive in sinking environments like some communities in inner-city Chicago.
We all experience some form of adversity throughout our lives. It is important to be mindful of that fact in our everyday interactions with others. With mindfulness you're able to acknowledge that the idea of 'otherness' doesn't really exist.
Ori Inu is expected to be innovative in that it will not only explore ancient African traditions, it will capture youthful black magic.
In the past 12 months my brother has been harassed by police twice. Once with a gun pointed directly at his chest. He wonders why the color of his skin makes him a target when all he wants to do is play ball in his neighborhood.
This is that time in America where once again, we wish to be both tremendously ignorant while also "sincere" in our concern for Baltimore, foregoing the fuss and inconvenience of addressing the root issues.
All were willing to step up to make a difference, to lead when it could be dangerous, and to let their lives be shining examples for others. We should remember them when we face stormy and cloudy weather in our national life and become bright rainbows of hope like them.