bladder cancer

Stiers, who voiced Cogsworth in Disney's "Beauty and the Best," died of bladder cancer.
One of the most common conditions a man can get affecting his prostate is benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. BPH is an
Brandon Yarnovich's grandma adopted him after both his parents were shot and killed.
If it's blue... This could be a sign of familial hypercalcemia, a rare genetic disease caused by excess calcium in the blood
Italian researchers recently demonstrated that trained dogs can detect prostate cancer almost unerringly. Dog handlers from the Italian Ministry of Defense trained two German shepherds to detect the smell of prostate cancer by sniffing urine samples from men with the disease.
SOURCE: Cancer, online November 10, 2014. "Bladder cancer is actually the second most common smoking
Traditionally ground and turned into a drink for its relaxing qualities, kava contains compounds called flavokawains, which
Given the epidemic of diabetes in this country, the risks are huge. For that reason, this drug worries me even more than
"It is thought that dogs can smell cancer, but this is obviously not a practical way for hospitals to diagnose the disease