Bladen County, North Carolina

In a nationally watched probe, state officials are examining allegations of election fraud apparently involving absentee ballots.
Jens Lutz says the board received multiple forged requests for absentee ballots, including one on behalf of a dead person.
Two more voters reported handing over their ballots to canvassers who came to their home.
New evidence appears to connect controversial political operative McCrae Dowless to Robeson County, which also reported unusual ballot data.
Republican officials may have had an indication of electoral fraud as early as 2016, The Washington Post reports.
One woman who gave evidence to the state said she was scared what would happen to her.
"Votes have been stolen by preying on senior and minority voters, and now a cloud of doubt and suspicion hangs over this election,” Rep. Gerry Connolly said.
The Republican candidate leads his opponent by 905 votes.