blair witch

Maybe don't watch this trailer if you plan on sleeping this week.
The "being back at Lionsgate" part refers to "Exists," a movie about Bigfoot that Sánchez just sold to the studio -- his
But, what about a third time? After the premier of his new critically acclaimed movie,"Lovely Molly," Sanchez said they're
2010-09-23-Screenshot20100923at2.16.58PM.pngBorneo's Gomantong cave is basically nature's real-life haunted house.
Based on a scream-filled screening I caught at the Telluride Film Festival, Paramount's faith may not be misplaced, though it's anyone's guess whether lightning (or pesky demons) can strike the same public fancy twice.
Let me give you the story, the plot of The Visitor: A man comes home to his rarely used NYC apartment to find two illegal immigrants squatting there. Trespassing.
My obsession with dying, with the smoky, fiery hereafter, resonated throughout the whole of my life as a child.