Blake Farenthold

The BLAKE Act would ban ex-members from lobbying Congress until they repay taxpayer money spent on sex harassment settlements.
A Texas newspaper is suing the Calhoun Port Authority for hiring the disgraced former lawmaker without public notice, in violation of state law.
Lawmakers have stalled on sexual misconduct reforms, as they try to rush through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
Months after quitting Congress in disgrace, the Texas Republican insists his sexual harassment scandal was everyone's fault but his own.
The disgraced former congressman went from a sexual harassment scandal right into a lawsuit over his new job.
The ex-lawmaker is costing taxpayers $400-an-hour in legal fees, on top of his $160,000 salary. He never repaid his $84,000 harassment settlement, either.
Senators have finally hammered out a deal to tackle sexual harassment in Congress. But what took them so long?
A Texas newspaper filed a lawsuit alleging the Calhoun Port Authority hired the disgraced former lawmaker without public notice, in violation of state law.
The former representative from Texas says he's balking on the advice of his lawyer.
It's only been a month since he quit his House seat amid an ethics committee probe into sexual harassment allegations.
But Greg Abbott wants the disgraced former congressman's money to go to Texas, not the U.S. Treasury.
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations responded after Larry Kudlow, the president’s chief economic adviser, said she “got ahead of the curve” when it came to announcing sanctions on Russia following the Syrian gas attack.
"We encourage him in the strongest possible terms to uphold that promise," say his former House colleagues.
He used $84,000 in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit after he allegedly told his former communications director about his "wet dreams."
Hold the Texas Republican accountable to "the high standards our office demands," says Rep. Jackie Speier.
The GOP congressman spent lots of taxpayer money to settle a harassment lawsuit. He said he’d pay us back. He hasn’t.
Farenthold reportedly used taxpayer money to pay a former top aide, after she alleged that he sexually harassed her and created a toxic work environment.
The congressman regularly made sexually explicit remarks and called aides “f**ktards,” the aide said.