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That always seems to be the justification for any government promotion of a religious practice, both in the military and elsewhere: It's "tradition" -- and tradition trumps constitutionality. But how traditional are practices like this religious flag folding ceremony? Well, often not very.
“If the amount is anything north of zero, they’re going to be finding themselves facing [a lawsuit],” Weinstein said. “Right
The skinheads, the sheet-wearers, and the cross-burners are easy to spot. But the more devastating injury, as MRFF has shown
The command at West Point does not just recommend, encourage or support the exaltation of Christianity around this time of year, but requires it by force of policy under threat of reprimand for any who dissent.
Really? If you're not religious you don't belong at West Point and shouldn't expect to fit in and be treated equally?
Five months from graduation, Blake Page has left West Point on the grounds that its policies, including mandatory prayer, disregard students' religious freedoms.