blake shelton divorce

"Divorce is the key to bein’ loose and free"
Less than a week after announcing his divorce from fellow country star Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton is engaging his critics
  Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's divorce may be playing out like a country song come to life (the initial news of the
Well, what else would you expect from a country superstar? Just a few days after announcing her divorce from Blake Shelton
Country music star Blake Shelton recently stopped by "60 Minutes" to talk about growing up in Oklahoma, his journey to Nashville
Just as they've done in the past, Lambert and Shelton took to Twitter Wednesday to laugh off claims that they're separating
Another day, another Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert divorce rumor. And Shelton is offering his hilarious two cents on the
Gotta love his sense of humor! "The truth is," he continued, "I've been drinking a lot and I don't remember what all has