A Department of Justice attorney argued that migrant children staying in government facilities are not entitled to a bed or soap.
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The bottom line is that for couples with real differences in temperature preference, there is problem solving to do. It may be challenging to get things right, but many couples eventually find fixes that work well for both partners.
Lambert is an African lion and, sometimes, an African lion blanket burrito.  
It's the little things that matter when it comes to winning over customers' loyalties to become a favorite airline. Like a serving of Häagen-Dazs ice cream.
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Charlie, Best Boy and Jack have had too many adventures to count. Until kindergarten they were inseparable. At one point, I think Jack even got his own plate at dinner time. They fought pirates, sailed ships, climbed mountains and flew in rocket ships together. There were some misadventures as well. Jack and Best Boy have been lost under covers, stolen by dogs and drooled on by a little brother.
It's no secret to parents (or even former children) that kids often develop a special attachment to a lovey -- a favorite
For some time I had been wicked stressed, taking on way more than I could handle but I did it -- well disguised on the outside but a veritable mess on the inside. So finally when I was able to convince myself that I was no superwoman in spite of what I liked to believe, and that it was nothing to be ashamed of, I felt a sense of relief. However, it was now time to make up for lost time and "unhad" fun.
United States: Americans like their beds like they like their steaks, big. The California king bed was created sometime during