Human rights activists say the ruling was a huge setback for religious minorities in Indonesia.
By Steve Pinkerton, Case Western Reserve University Recent weeks have brought renewed attention to the problem of blasphemy
Across South Asia, Muslims remain divided up by various hierarchical systems. This long trail of caste-related injustice
The Saudi effort benefitted in the post 9/11 era from a global trend in democracies and autocracies alike to curb free speech
Last week, Pakistan passed two landmark Bills to help further women's rights. Under the new legislation, perpetrators of
America's relationship with Islam is fraught with tension. Donald Trump doesn't want to let any more Muslims into the U.S. He's not alone. But no one wins if Americans end up fighting an endless war with 1.6 billion people worldwide.
No-one knows exactly how many Muslims there are in Denmark - perhaps 200,000-250,000. They enjoy a religious freedom à la
Unfortunately, anti-Muslim sentiment in the US feeds into the rhetoric of extremist groups whose main claim is that Muslims
History has demonstrated that lasting progress is only possible in societies that evolve through the free exchange of ideas. To begin making this possible, Pakistan must cease silencing and murdering its finest children.
Since the 1980s, patronized by the security establishment, the religious right has gained political ground in Pakistan. The goal is to grab political power and impose a harsh version of Islam on a country founded in the name of the religion.