Mark Grenon of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing in Florida and his sons are accused of peddling the dangerous "Miracle Mineral Solution."
Trump suggested disinfectant "by injection" as a potential coronavirus treatment.
President Donald Trump suggested bleach injections could be a cure for coronavirus. It’s the latest in a long line of bogus treatments that he’s considered.
Cristina Cuomo has been bathing in bleach to "combat the radiation and metals" in her system as she recovers from the coronavirus.
Robert Baldwin promoted his miracle liquid as a cure for malaria, HIV/AIDS, cancer and many other sicknesses. It was actually industrial-grade bleach, a report claims.
This could be your inspiration to stop using hair products.
Some of these factions have come in the form of movies, both documentary and scripted. I've seen nearly all of them. Some of are the definition of faction and others, while earnest, miss the mark. Until now.