Fibroids are a common gynecological diagnosis, often misrepresented yet rarely ignored.
My femininity is filthy, and I hate it. I hate my femininity. I hate my filth. But my femininity- that is me. I hate me. I hate my filth. I am the filth I hate.
As an ER doctor, I've seen countless patients whose lives were saved by a quick-thinking and knowledgeable bystander or loved one. We never know where life may lead -- and every single one of us can learn these life-saving techniques. (Cue ER theme music).
Joe Landolina invented Vetigel, a medicine that quickly stops bleeding.
In the delivery room, I was dressed in my scrubs just like in the movies. My seat was next to my love, who was on the operating table, arms stretched out. There was a screen cloth right above her sternum obscuring her nether region. Her face was glowing in the halo of the operating lights.
Of course, big issues also play major roles in marriages, but today we're looking at the smaller things that, if ignored
When Bennett’s daughter, who suffers from a processing disorder, had trouble mastering the gesture for “power and strength
Become the authority of your own body. Recognize changes early. This may save your life, and will certainly give you the opportunity to incorporate natural therapies and an integrative approach to your health care.
No physician can monitor your body on a daily basis. Being in touch with and aware of subtle but persistent changes in your health -- and taking action by seeking professional care to either rule out or identify a problem -- may save your life.
For decades now, we've heard about taking aspirin daily as a way to prevent heart disease. Some of my patients have even taken it upon themselves to start taking a daily baby aspirin because they think that it is a healthy thing to do.
"I defy -- absolutely defy -- any Republican member of Congress to voluntarily reject the health insurance which is provided
The media is playing you as an elitist, the way Kerry was played as a wimp and Gore was played as a liar. You must remove yourself from this disastrous pattern.