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Niccolina, you've gathered feedback from over 100 TeachUps around the world - what else have you learned and what's next
"My prediction is that all students will experience personalized learning when the schooling system invests in student-led
What are some of the major frustrations and stresses caused by technology in the classroom? How can this be managed or changed
A LearnStorm is sweeping the Chicago Public Schools, and while students taking this nine-week Khan Academy math challenge
If all students were screened in school, we could create a cognitive profile for children based on age and see where their
Just imagine, Pak Tee, how will the school of the future be more environmentally conscious? "The challenge in the future
What progress has been made in providing support and resources for training teachers via the Internet that had previously
Thanks to technological advances made over the last two decades, students are no longer limited to learning in traditional classroom environments. Online education options have proliferated, with significant growth occurring at state-sponsored virtual schools allowing students and parents to choose virtual schooling as a viable educational option.
Thus, the old ways of evaluating educational institutions have become obsolete. Teaching and learning can now easily be exported
Tony and Ted's critically acclaimed book, Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era, presents a new
"Our pursuit is for our students to be globally competitive but to serve their communities in South Africa."
Digital learning--online or classroom-based--is not a revolution in education, it's the evolution of education. For all the talk of the flipped classroom, digital tools have not turned education on its head. But it does provide teachers with more resources and tools to help students
Close cooperation between schools, parents, and the community is one of the keys to closing achievement gaps. Parent involvement has a strong, direct impact on student achievement.
While administrators may see GOAL as something other than a traditional alternative school, the reality is that the talented team that comprises the staff has created an alternative, and it's a model other states are eager to replicate.
Given the enormous potential of edtech to assist teachers in highly diverse classrooms to truly personalize learning and obtain significant student academic growth, why are we seeing such consistent and large-scale edtech failure when it comes to gains in student academic achievement?
How will technology be integrated into the curriculum and how will the school handle the integration of continual advancements
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I talked to the CEO of Edmodo, a leading innovator in K-12 blended learning, about how teachers, learning platforms, software, parents and students across the globe can work together in new ways thanks to digital technology.
Bottom line is that we simply don't know the future, and bureaucratic and highly regulated education systems are inherently inapt to respond to imminent learning opportunities and other emerging circumstances connected to the digital age.