The pilot, who was wearing a fireproof suit, survived but has serious burns.
Rather than serving as an exception in a swamp of spending excess, the ending of the JLENS project should serve as a first step towards trimming other needless weapons programs and wasteful practices.
Will you consider utilizing one of these traditional advertising strategies for promoting your business? Remember those hot
Everyone these days fancies themselves an expert at making cocktails, but are you expert enough to make a cocktail while flying up in the air?
These days, everyone rides on planes. But have you ever ridden in a blimp? Although we often see blimps gliding gently over cities and football stadiums, vey few people have ever flown in one.
He traded his way up through a laptop, a surveillance system and ultimately a trailer. Now that would have been great for
Lockheed-Martin, which now owns the former Goodyear Aerospace facilities in Akron, is leading a $400 million Pentagon program