When a special needs pug came to the Michigan Humane Society, he was in bad shape. Mikey's beginning wasn't a positive one, and he was nearly euthanized before he got into the safe hands of MHS volunteers.
"I think Pudditat must've realized that Tervel was a bit vulnerable," the pooch's owner said in the video. "He just seemed
Bordeaux donates these halos through her non-profit, Second Chances for Blind Dogs, to shelters and rescues all around the
“No matter where a dog starts from or how broken they may seem, they’re not,” George says. “If you let them, they can recover
Stormy's new family, whose other dog was also adopted from Fairfax, plans to bring their new boy to a veterinary eye specialist
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Operation Ava is trying to find an adoptive family for both brothers -- the shelter wants to keep the pair together, according
Many times this refers to the way we see our objects of affection as perfect, despite the flaws others may notice. For Misfit
Jack was already starting to succumb to the degenerative disorder when he was adopted by owner Margaret Simpson. Jack, his
Fortunately for Kanga, the Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA Rescue (GRCGLA), rescued him, and volunteers are now helping