blind people

Launched in Turkey, the app is expected to be used by 800,000 people by 2016.
A new study finds that lack of vision may help clarify the truth.
Uber also said it was "on the cutting edge of expanding accessibility" for the disabled, and that claims it failed to accommodate
How does a person who can't see conceptualize such intangible concepts as outer space, sunrise, being up high, looking far
"Somehow you become a better problem solver and you seem to somehow take in the information in a more robust fashion in this
Clearly, detecting visual contrasts is only one method of many for perceiving reality. But when trying to imagine a world
La Dernière Image. Aveugle au lever de soleil / The Last Image. Blind with sunrise, 2010 Copyright © Adagp, Paris 2012. Courtesy
For 200 years, Braille has helped people without eyesight to read and live more independently. But some educators now fear