If you want to be a better friend to people with disabilities, start by listening to what they have to say.
"The isolation of the pandemic is exponentially worse for me than it is for a sighted person.”
"Just because I’m visually impaired and sometimes need help doesn’t mean I’m helpless."
"If a secret ballot is important to you, it's important to a blind person, as well," said Chris Danielsen with the National Federation of the Blind.
"My prayers went unanswered. In their wake, now three years into this illness, I am learning to live half-blinded."
"Everyone wore blindfolds so that they could experience the vows as I was experiencing them,” the bride said.
The show will not have a feature that allows people with visual disabilities to watch. The rest of the network's programming doesn't either.
Kids with visual impairments can get loving messages with their snacks through Braille stickers and audio boxes.
Steph Agnew is getting married later this year to a man she's never actually been able to see.
The airline's new policy for service animals creates an obstacle for blind passengers.
Trachoma, easily treatable, blinds thousands of the world's poorest every year.
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