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Rue de Rivoli Paris France On my last visit, I became transfixed by the enormous social media emphasis around time pieces
They go by names like Lift Witch, Klepto Princess and Lifting for Survival. They offer up weirdly worded disclaimers about
But do make sure you snag a few of those oh, so elusive Daft Punk condoms. Get the high score in Dots or beat Candy Crush
Marc's first day at Indian Hills isn't promising. Even though it's a "dropout school," it's a very stylish student body. As
11. Nikki: "She got to keep her extensions in." 10. Nikki: "And so it is." 6. Sam (Taissa Farmiga): "Oh, good." 8. Marc: "I
Two new films comment on issues of youth, identity and a mythological Los Angeles, where hopes and dreams are sorted, destroyed, or sometimes ironically realized by those who are infamous, photogenic, and troubled.
'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson has revealed how she nearly considered not being an actress anymore. Talking about whether she has finally left the 'Harry Potter' experience behind her, Emma tells Total Film magazine, "Kind of - I basically took two years out and stepped as far away from it as I could - I mean the HP films were still coming out but I took time to really try and figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. I even considered not being an actress."
The six teenagers -- four girls and two guys -- snuck into celebrities' homes while they were away at premieres or events
For those who are unfamiliar, Hilton first blessed the music-listening world in 2006, when she released "Paris" on Heiress
[via RS] "The Bling Ring" Soundtrack 01. Sleigh Bells – ”Crown On The Ground” 02. Rick Ross [ft. Lil Wayne] – “9 Piece” 03