Movies that break records at the box office earn this title, but its original meaning is kind of sinister.
Most of us spend one night of the week curled up on the couch with a nice meal, and Netflix on the television. Recent research
Could brick-and-mortar be the old-new alternative to finicky streaming services?
“When he saw the room, his eyes were as big as saucers.”
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When asked to advise MBA students on winning career strategies, Chernin credits much of his success to a few key traits as
Films that try to positively impact the world and films that entertain may not be so disconnected after all. In fact, to hit it out of the park with audiences the two may be inextricably linked.
Here are some excerpts from our conversation. PS: What role does Big Data play in the connected car? NC: Absolutely. Machine
In 1977, there was no positive gay imagery in American culture. No movies or television shows had gay characters. "Coming out" was not a thing. I had no idea what homosexuality was. So ... Luke became my boyhood hero, my role model. He was someone who feels different and has a secret, like me.
There is buzz that Twitter is doing away with its 140 character limit and replacing it with a larger one: 10,000 characters
"Who killed the world?" asks Mad Max: Fury Road at various points in its runtime. It's a sweeping question and an essential one for the film's brutal beating heart, but unlike a question such as "who watches the watchmen?" there is very little ambiguity here.
It's do or die -- a crisis could be the perfect moment to surpass expectations and make a name for yourself.
The first major box office hit charged a staggering $2 admission and reached 50 million people before sound films appeared in 1927. Its millions in profits built Hollywood. Beyond profits, it aimed to educate the public in the values of white supremacy.
That's what Hollywood would have you believe as it entices you to leave your home on Christmas Day so you catch the release of its new blockbuster about a Navy SEAL sniper who kills so-called bad people.
In the same manner Netflix started rolling out new logos, the company has quietly stopped Saturday DVD deliveries. A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that Saturday shipment processing was discontinued in June.
[h/t Uproxx] Only time will tell if this is Netflix's first move toward totally phasing out DVDs, but that would probably
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