New recycling centers in Indonesia offer residents a place to exchange plastic garbage for money, using blockchain technology.
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The disgraced former interior secretary met his new boss on a flight to Atlanta, winning him over with talk of energy independence.
Lition Energy uses blockchain to connect consumers directly with renewable power plants.
Daisy Ozim Daisy Ozim has a background in community organizing and public policy. After she was introduced to blockchain
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Bitcoin enthusiasts envision a world in which the entire economy runs on blockchain technology, allowing people to buy their
Vasilis Kostakis, Tallinn University of Technology; Primavera de Filippi, Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS
Enterprise 4.0 is the next evolution of business. If you consider that there have been four stages of business where innovation
As Donald J. Trump' bizzaro world fantasy becomes our frightening reality, the President-elect has gone out of his way to remind us that the rules of administrations past no longer apply.
Blockchain - the underlying technology behind digital currencies like Bitcoin is being discussed everywhere at Davos. And