There is a complete lack of diversity amongst this year's Academy Awards nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress. I am not talking about the dearth of African Americans (or in the case of Idris Elba, African Brits), or Hispanics or Asians. I am referring to brunettes!
Real or fake, these blondes own it!
BEST: Tina Fey Ouch! Gwyneth looks like she has a really bad sunburn. The white highlighter swiped onto her brow bone and
WORST: Kaley Cuoco What else can we say about the "12 Years A Slave" star's hair and makeup that hasn't been said? So we'll
We're suddenly dye-ing for a change. (Get it??)
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What is more surprising is the size preferences. Especially in the UK, where super-slender sisters Kate and Pippa are held